Yitran’s Technology Featured Inside Smart Grid Technologies Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010

May 2010 – Beer Sheva, Israel – Yitran’s Powerline Communication (PLC) IT700 technology is featured by the Chinese State Grid Corp. in their pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The pavilion shows Smart Homes and Smart Buildings as part of the smart grid vision and innovations that will be integrated into China’s future. Yitran’s PLC technology is featured in the smart sockets connected to intelligent home appliances for energy management purposes and in home displays that provide accurate real-time status, feedback and analysis of the energy usage profile in the home.

Yitran’s PLC networking chips are used to provide the networking between smart sockets and the in-home display panel. The Expo pavilion features, for example, household appliances attached to smart sockets, which measure the power consumption different devices and sends that information via PLC to a display in the home so that the consumer can easily see the energy consumed by each device used. This allows the consumer to understand their home’s energy profile, which in turns allows him/her to respond to changes in electricity prices and receive rebates from the power utilities for allowing the use of energy management system in the home. This same networking technology can also be used to send gas and water consumption information to the same in-home display, using a combination of wireless and PLC networking technologies.

Yitran currently offers its IT700 PLC modem chip, which features an extended 8051 MCU core, offering a high level of code efficiency and high speed operation. The microcontroller and the transceiver along with the analog front end (AFE) are integrated into a plastic molded QFN56 package. IT700 complies with worldwide regulations (FCC, ARIB and CENELEC bands) and is fully back compatible with the IT800 series.

The Chinese State Grid Corporation has invested a great deal of time and money over the last several years to cope with the ever increasing demand for electricity by planning to integrate various energy and smart grid technologies into China’s future. The display at the Shanghai World Expo is designed to give visitors an opportunity to learn more about the smart grid concept as well as the key areas of the State Grid Corporation’s smart grid pilot projects and their results.

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